Corporate abuses and contempt of Constitutional Court orders

Friday, 27th September, 2013

Today in the morning Gómez Garzón, known as the “Secretary” and José Homero along with another worker crossed the communities of Caño Manso, Curvaradó and Bijao Onofre, collective territory of Pedeguita Mansilla.

The mobility of occupants of “bad faith” in the service of cattle ranchers, the ex cornel Luis Felipe Molano, strongly inhibits the use and enjoyment of the land and the goods, harvested by the true, legitimate and legal owners of the territory.

The continuity of corporate abuse and ignorance of the contents of the orders of the Constitutional Court is clear and obvious, with respect to business operations as they continue to illegally use the land and destroy the subsistence crop of members of the community councils.
Next Monday the communities of Manso, Curvaradó are going to perform an act of dignity before the severe absence of effective measures on the part of the government with respect to the restitution of the land and the responsibility to prevent damages to soil and food sovereignty and the environment.
Almost all members of the Community Council have been excluded from the census in order to elect new members of the Community Council due to a false interpretation of orders of the Constitutional Court, which favors the business operations.

Bogotá, D.C. 27th September, 2013

Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz.