Invitation to the self-identified La Mafia group to dialogue on humanitarian issues and peace.




June 27, 2020

#SomosGénesis #wearegenesis

We continue to build peace in the territories.

We feel supported by UN Mission II

Self-identified La Mafia Group and all its members.

A greeting in memory of our tortured, murdered, disappeared, displaced, unjustly prosecuted and persecuted parents, we write from that something we all have in common being sons and daughters, of the love of our father and mother, in this homeland called Colombia in some portion of this our mother earth. We remember our last murders with those we share in the betting network: Mario Castaño and Hernán Bedoya. Also, today we honor the more than 765 leaders killed. The list is extremely long and deeply painful for those of us who carry in the heart the decision of a democracy without violence, a democracy at peace with socio-environmental justice.

We greet your commanders, each and every member of your armed forces. We also write to you on behalf of the members of your forces who have been killed in the multiple violence of the past 70 years. We also know that the majority of its members are people who were born in rural or marginal urban areas so we think they will understand the meaning of our letter.

 We are aware that the pandemic has enabled them to consolidate their territorial power and social control. And no one is exempt from being infected. We are in the same human condition. In these more than 100 days of pandemic we recognize that your armed operations have affected our life plans and projects as you know, it is based on the dialogue that is born of the heart, which expresses feelings and ideas, in which we want to show that is possible a country that respects life, freedoms , the protection of the sources of life (water, forests, animals), a country of all, without exception of class, gender, ethnicity.

We understand that some of you are armed to change society; other armed groups for defending the order of this kind of democracy. Others are armed to fight as allies to their military enemies because they are related to some social projects. Others are in arms because those responsible for complying with what was agreed, failed, lied or deceived them. Others because there is no more form of employment or education, places where there are no schools and unpaid work. Others are there because they wanted to escape to families where affection is lacking. Others for the affections that generate past violence, for the desires of revenge, for the pains without healing, and others to protect or assure wealth to others that accumulate wealth. In short, our communities believe that you can all recognize and accept that you believe that your place on weapons are your place to affirm your feelings and your thinking. You are there with your own pains of soul, homeland and life. Our communities understand that condition.

We also accept our sorrows, the injustices we have committed and those they have committed against us, seeking inner, family, collective peace, resolving the contradictions in the dialogue and rectifying what breaks the balance.

If you understand that we have a life project, let it continue to exist without using its force against us. We are neither combatants nor want to be. We are lovers of life without weapons. Lovers of the right to justice without weapons. We are lovers of democracy without exclusion.

We reiterate to each of you and your commanders, that this time of pandemic is unique to rethink our lives, and the possibility that we build another country. Let us stop this unnecessary pain of violence and build the new. Let us meet the humanity, you children and perhaps parents, like us. Let us inherit a different present and future.

We invite them as a humanitarian measure to take decisions to prevent the spread of infection inside them by adopting all the basic elements of bio-protection. We ask you to refrain from entering our villages, places of habitation, where we live already grouped and where we have taken our measures of bio-protection to avoid being infected.

Today honoring his living parents and also those who are no longer here, we reiterate to contemplate a Global Humanitarian Agreement by COVID 19. based on the ethics of life and the right to peace provided for in article 22 of the National Constitution.

For your information we are sharing a letter in the same terms to all those who are in arms for two purposes of specific dialogues on:

1.Respect for our many and varied life projects.

2. dialogues with letters on integral solutions in the use of violence and its multiple manifestations.

We will be attentive to your responses to all our communications by


-Autodetermination Communities, Life, Dignity, CAVIDA, Cacarica Collective Territory, (Chocó).

-Families of camp victims (Antioquia)

-Association of Displaced Women of Ríosucio, CLAMORES, (Chocó).

-Jiguamiandó Humanitarian Zones and Biodiversity Zones (Chocó)

Cabildo Mayor Embera de Resguardo Urada Jiguamiando, CAMERUJ, (Chocó).

-Wounaan Community of the Pichimá River Resguardo Ravine Displaced in Docordó, Litoral San Juan, (Chocó).

-Wounaan indigenous Zone of juin Phu Buur, Cacarica, (Chocó).

-Environmental Zone SO BIA DRUA, Jiguamiandó, (Chocó).

Cabildo Mayor Embera de Resguardo Urada Jiguamiando, CAMERUJ, (Chocó).

-Wounaan Community of the Pichimá River Resguardo Quebrada displaced in Docordó, Litoral San Juan, (Chocó).

-Wounaan Indigenous Zone of juin Phu Buur, Cacarica, (Chocó).

-Environmental Zone SO BIA DRUA, Jiguamiandó, (Chocó).

-La Yulina Biodiversity Zone, Curbaradó Collective Territory, (Chocó). Cabildo Mayor Embera de Resguardo Urada Jiguamiando, CAMERUJ, (Chocó).

-Wounaan Community of the Pichimá River Resguardo Quebrada displaced in Docordó, Litoral San Juan, (Chocó).

-Wounaan indigenous reserve of juin Phu Buur, Cacarica, (Chocó).

-Environmental Zone SO BIA DRUA, Jiguamiandó, (Chocó).

-La Yulina Biodiversity Zone, Curbaradó Collective Territory, (Chocó).

– El Hobo Biodiversity Zone, Collective Territory of Jiguamiandó, (Chocó).

-El Retorno Biodiversity Zone, Collective Territory of Pedeguita y mancilla, (Chocó).

-La Esperanza Biodiversity Area, Polo Family, Collective Territory of Pedeguita and mancilla, (Chocó).

-Mary Hernandez Biodiversity Area, Collective Territory of Pedeguita y mancilla, (Chocó).

 -My land (Mi Tierra) Biodiversity Area, Pedeguita and Manilla Collective Territory, (Chocó).

-Area of Biodiversity Andalucia, Collective Territory of Curbaradó, (Chocó).

-Caracolí Biodiversity Zone, Curbaradó Collective Territory, (Chocó).

-La Madre Union Biodiversity Area, Collective Territory of La Larga Tumaradó, (Chocó).

-Camellian Humanitarian Zone, Collective Territory of Curbaradó, (Chocó).

– Pueblo Nuevo Humanitarian Zone, Collective Territory of Jiguamiandó, (Chocó).

– Association of victims of Inzá,” sowers of peace”, (Cauca)

-Costa Azul Humanitarian Zone, Curbaradó Collective Territory, (Chocó).

-Humanitarian Zone Andalucia, Collective Territory of Curbaradó, (Chocó).

-Association of Women Displaced from Meta, ASOMUDEM.

-Association of Women Victims United for Peace, (AMVUPAZ), La Uribe, and (Meta).

-Association of victims of the conflict united by peace, distance, (Meta).

-Civil Community of Life and Peace – CIVIPAZ, El Castillo, (Meta).

-Network of Women of Vistahermosa, (Meta).

– Indigenous reservation, resguardo Naexal Lajt of the people

– Corporation peasant Women of Nariño, (Comucan)

-Network of Women sidewalk vereda la Y, Puerto Rico, (Meta).

– Network water defense life and territory (Cauca)

– Group of victims from the south of Huila

– Families Community Councils Tumaco, Nariño.

-Aguirre family, victim of massacre of Rivera councillors, (Huila).

-ADISPA as representative organization of the 24 Communities of the Peasant Reserve Zone Amazon Pearl (Putumayo):

-Community of Agualongo.

-Community of Lower Cuembí.

-Community of Lower Lorenzo.

-Community of Lower Mansoyá.

-Community of Baldío

– Community of Belén.

– Community of Bocana de Cuembí.

-Community of Buen Samaritano.

-Community of Camios.

-The community of Angosturas.

-Community of Chufiyá.

-Community of Comandante.

-Community of Frontera.

-Community of Guadalupe.

-Community of Juvenil.

– Community of La Alea.

-Community of La Española.

-Community of La Piña.

-Community of La Rosa.

-Community of Puerto Playa.

-Community of San Salvador.

-Community of Sevilla.

-Community of Toaya.

-Community of Zamora.

– Indigenous high town council, Sinaí, Villa Garzón.

– Indigenous high town council, Suspisacha, Piamonte.

-Indigenous town council,Cerro de Guadua, Puerto Guzmán.

-Indigenous town council Çxhab Wala, Villagarzon.

-Indigenous town council, Juan Tama, Puerto Guzman.

-Indigenous town council, Kiwe Nxusxa, Las Delicias.

-Indigenous town council, Kiwe U’kwe, Puerto Caicedo.

-Indigenous town council, Kiwe U’se, Nueva Palestina, Valle del Guamuéz.

-Indigenous town council, Kiwe Zxiçxkwe, Tierra Linda, Valle del Guamuéz.

-Indigenous town council, Kjwen Tama Luuçxwe’sx, hijos de Juan Tama, Mocoa.

-Indigenous town council Ksxa’w Nasa, Alto Danubio, Puerto Asís.

-Indigenous town council Kwe’sx Kiwe, Orito.

-Indigenous town council Kwe’sx Kiwe. Puerto Asís.

-Indigenous town council Kwe’sx Nasa çxayu’çe, Alto Coqueto, Puerto Caicedo.

-Indigenous town council Kwe’sx Tata Wala, Puerto Caicedo.

-Indigenous town council Nasa Kiwe Puerto Leguizamo.

-Indigenous town council Nasa Tkuymatewe’sx, Orito.

-Indigenous town council Nasa Fxi’w La Libertad, Puerto Asís.

-Indigenous town council Pkid Kiwe, Los Guayabales.

-Indigenous town council Sat’t Tama, Puerto Asís.

-Indigenous town council Thä’ Tadx Kiwe, Loma Redonda, Villa Garzón.

-Indigenous town council Yu’ Çxihme, El Libano, Puerto Caicedo.

-Indigenous town council Yu’kh Zxiçxkwe, Selva Hermosa, Puerto Caicedo.

-Indigenous town council Yu’luuçx, Las Minas, Puerto Asís.

-Jerusalén town, Villa Garzón.

-Indigenous town Mühm Kiwe, Los Guaduales, Puerto Guzmán.

-Indigenous town Jerusalén San Luis Alto Picudito.

-Indigenous town Jxkase Kiwe, El Descanso, Puerto Guzmán.

-Indigenous town La Florida, Mocoa.

-Indigenous town Nasa Çxhab, Puerto Asís.

-Indigenous town Kiwnas Çxhab, Alto Lorenzo, Puerto Asís.

 -Nasa Indigenous town Uh Los Gavilanes, Jardines de Sucumbíos town, Ipiales

-Indigenous town Sek Kaanxi thä’ Kiwe   Alpes OrientalesTown, La Floresta, Alto Coqueto.

-Indigenous town Txitx U’kwe Kiwe, Town Porvenir La Barrialosa town, Puerto Guzmán.

 -Indigenous town Yu’ukwe Kiwe, Aguaditas, Puerto Guzmán.

-San Luis Alto Picudito town, Villa Garzón.

-Santa Rosa de Juanambu town , Villa Garzón.

– Association families victims of Trujillo (Asfavit), (Valle del Cauca).

-Asokoinonia de Río Chiquito town, Trujillo (Valle del Cauca).

-Community Council of Cabeceras, Bajo San Juan, (Valle del Cauca).

-Humanitarian Zone Puente Nayero, Buenaventura, (Valle del Cauca).

-Humanitarian Indigenous town Santa Rosa de Guayacán, Calima, (Valle del Cauca).

-Humanitarian Indigenous town and Biodiversity Unión Agua Clara (Valle del Cauca).

-Central Women’s Committee of the Association for Sustainable Integral Development -ADISPA- “My Name is Amazon Pearl Woman” MEMPA, (Putumayo).

-Youth Roots of Dignity Amazon Pearl – JURADIPA, (Putumayo).

-Integral cooperative of women and men agricultural entrepreneurs victims of the armed conflict in the municipality of Trujillo, CIMEVAT, (Valle del Cauca).

-Agroecological Association Esther Cayapu, ASOESCA, La Sonora, Trujillo (Valle del Cauca).

-Association of Agricultural Families with land restored in Colombia, AFAREC, La Sonora, Trujillo, (Valle del Cauca).

Community Council of cabeceras, Bajo San Juan, (Valle del Cauca).

 -Community Council La Esperanza, Buenaventura, (Valle del Cauca).

-Humanitarian Zone neighborhood La playita, Buenaventura, (Valle del Cauca).

-Families victims kidnapping and murder deputies, (Valle del Cauca).

-Humanitarian Zone Santa Rosa de Guayacá, Calima, (Valle del Cauca).

-Humanitarian and biodiverse Zone Unión Agua Clara (Valle del Cauca).

-Humanitarian Zone and biodiverse Union San Juan de Puerto Pizario. Litoral San Juan, (Valle del Cauca).

-Indigenous Zone of Puerto Guadualito, Puerto Pizario, Litoral San Juan, (Valle del Cauca).

-Zone ancient town Wounaan Córdoba, Buenaventura, (Valle del Cauca).

The signatures continue…