The power of darkness

The murder of Jesús Adán Quinto Mosquera in Turbo, last 9 April, a displaced person from Cacarica and leader of the Asociación Nuevo Retorno (New Return Association), an act which was absolutely reprehensible, re-activated the campaign of stigmatization against the undersigned, coordinated by the same set of politicians and business owners and with the complicity of media agents, true to a project that is identified with the propositions of former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez. They again demonstrated their ability to create lies and slander, encouraged by the most unspeakable purposes and interests, feeding misinformation and expressions of unbridled hate.

Regarding Adán’s murder, they have not only suggested but stated – in the most reckless, shameless and perverse manner – that we are the ones responsible for his violent death1. They did the same in December 2009 after the murder of Manuel Moya and of Graciano Blandon and his son Jair Blandón2 on 18 December of that year.

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