Ramon’s dad was shot 13 times

They shot his dad 13 times across his entire body, and left him to die.

Ramón’s father, who was defending his family’s land in Colombia’s rainforest from powerful palm oil companies, was murdered in broad daylight. Now Ramón’s mum worries for her son’s life.

At the same time, companies across the world are profiting from the murder of environmental defenders like Ramón’s dad — while hundreds of millions of dollars of palm oil ends up on our supermarket shelves.

But finally, a new groundbreaking law in Europe could hold global companies responsible for the human rights and environmental abuses occurring in their supply chains and allow victims to seek justice in European courts!

Industry will try to water it down, but the EU has asked to hear the opinions of people from across the world! This is our chance — let’s make this the biggest public consultation ever and help pass this historic law! Once we hit 1 million, we’ll deliver it to EU decision makers directly, and via opinion polls and full page ads.

Fuente: https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/eu_feb_2021_consultation/?aGLiZeb&redirect=1&aGLiZeb&fbogname=Ana