Bad-faith occupiers receive aid that was meant for victims of the rainy season

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Death threats and a new paramilitary-business strategy. More than 200 hectares are occupied by invaders sponsored by the paramilitaries situated less than two minutes from the location of the 17th Brigade in Brisas de Curvaradó. Information shows that the banana companies in Curvaradó are stimulating this bad-faith occupation.

In addition, the aid that the Carmen de Darién mayor’s office received for the storm victims has been diverted to the bad-faith occupiers.
The eviction order arranged by the municipal inspector of Carmen del Darién, after a delay, has not been honored because the Urabá Police claim that they don’t have the capacity to carry out the police decision.

While this arbitrary operation against the members of the lower community council is going on, and being consolidated with the destruction of the Biodiversity Zones and the construction of houses, there is knowledge about a business plan for those who participate. The disputed businessman and beneficiary of the paramilitaries, Gabriel Sierra, with other business leaders, offers resources and the constituting of societies with residents of Curvaradó and Jiguamiandó for the agribusinesses of bananas and cattle.

The paramilitary-business strategy is being interpreted as an act of sabotage against the Constitutional Court Order and against the desires of the national government that it be complied with. The businesses have proposed, moreover, to continue a campaign of vilification and defamation, as well as put pressure on the Prosecutor’s Office to make decisions against what is right by taking away the liberty of leaders of Curvaradó and Jiguamiandó and members of the Commission of Justice and Peace.

In the midst of these business operations, the links and unity of action between the paramilitaries and the public forces are evident. Their control over communities and roads, their control of the inhabitants’ mobility, and their threats are constant, for example the threats against Adriana Tuberquia and Leydis Tuirán.

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