Paramilitaries will attack Afrocolombians and indigenous people

A group of paramilitaries is heading towards the territory of Cacarica to attack Afrocolombians and indigenous people.

During the night the people of Unguía have been alerted due to the mobilization of an armed group of the same paramilitary structures that realized an action in the community of Bijao Cacarica.

Acording to the same source, after entering Bijao Cacarica, the paramilitary group advanced into the humanitarian zone where the members of the CAVIDA live.

Weeks earlier, alerts generated by information from the areas Turbo y Río Sucio indicated that paramilitaries, with the help of federal agents, raided the territory of Cacarica.

This same threat occurred against the leaders of community councils associated with the CAVIDA at control points over the Atrato in Tumaradó, La Honda and outside and inside of the municipality of Río Sucio.

According to the information of a few weeks earlier the paramilitaries are planning a pincer operation, penetrating the area from south and north.

Bogotá, D.C. 4 september the 2013

Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz