Paramilitaries announce territorial control and make the threat, “We are going to recover the jailed bosses land.”

About 600 neo-paramilitaries plan to establish themselves in
Curvaradó to secure land for their “bosses,” and for that
purpose they would have to “remove the Justice and Peace
Commission and the Patriotic March.” “Our mission is to secure
the land for those who are in jail.” (referring to the

They made the threatening announcement last night in the El Cerrao
community. Six armed men summoned the residents to a meeting
and warned them that they would not be just passing through but
would stay.
Similarly, another group of armed men from the paramilitaries was
observed in the place known as Isla de los Cocos [Coconut Island],
located between the village of Pavarandó and the Llano Rico
community. The armed men publicly declared that they were going to
bring together the leaders of the communities to initiate a project to
“recover” the territory. They said that anybody who opposed them
would be killed.
According to witnesses, among the armed men was the man known
by the alias “el chapa [the lock],” who works for the paramilitaries as
an informant and is in charge of spying on leaders of the zone.
This is the second public demonstration by the armed men in less
than a month in Curvaradó. Weeks earlier, armed men wearing
camouflage were seen moving into Urada Jiguaminadó as far as the
edge of Alto Guayabal.
Two hundred meters from the Llano Rico hamlet, there is a military
base, built without consulting the land’s true owners, and there is a
presence of uniformed soldiers on the base who belong to the N54
Jungle Battalion. Soldiers from the state security forces frequently
circulate between Llano Rico and Pavarandó.
Bogotá, D.C. December 16, 2015

Interchurch Justice and Peace Commission