MOVE THE CAMPAIGN: “M6VIDA: With your feet in movement for land”

Take a step to walk the roads of memory in Colombia.

The National Movement of Victims of State Violence (Movimiento Nacional de Víctimas the Crímenes de Estado- MOVICE) is a platform that has existed since 2005 fighting for the rights to truth, justice and reparation. The MOVICE consists of more than 5000 victims of state violence and 300 human rights and political organizations. Since 2008, MOVICE has proclaimed the 6th of March as an international day of solidarity with victims of state violence. This year MOVICE will organize various actions between March 6 and March 11 with respect to the right to land. Over the past 20 years more than 4 million farmers, Indians and afrocolombianen have been expelled in Colombia from their lands to make way for economic interests such as oil, mining and oil palm! plantations.

The Colombian government has elaborated a law proposal with respect to victim’s rights and land restitution that has not been consulted with victims. For MOVICE these law proposal’s do not respect the minimum national and international standards on victims’ rights.

The MOVICE asks people, organizations, groups and social movements around the world to show their solidarity with victims of state violence by sending a picture of their foot and/or feet before March 6 to Let us know from which place of the world you have sent your picture.The photos will be used to accompany legal action and symbolic, to be held between 6 and 11 March.

Use your feet and join MOVICE in its struggle against impunity and unequal land distribution.

For land and dignity, MOVE towards the 6th of March!

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