Little by little displacement continues

Paramilitary operations produce another forced displacement in Curvaradó.

In the afternoon, a group of paramilitaries, among them the commander known as “El Mono” entered the Solipaz family’s property, members of the Buena Vista community council. There they established a camp. The family’s demand that they leave the area went ignored.

The paramilitaries asked for the El Tesoro Humanitarian Zone leaders, in particular, they asked for the leader Nevys Ñanes and if she had returned from Bogotá. Nevys was participating in meetings with the government, demanding protection.

Because of the paramilitary pressure and occupation, the family felt obligated to flee from their property.

The Álvaro González family also felt obligated to displace themselves yesterday, because of paramilitary death threats following and as a consequence of the forced disappearance of their uncle, Everto González.

Likewise, paramilitaries pressured the Villa Luz, Curvaradó, community to receive money from the coca crops and drug trafficking to pay the teachers. Paramilitary pressures have besieged this community.
The lack of guarantees for the protection of land reclaimants is evident. The 17th Brigade’s complicity and tolerance of the paramilitary operations is evident. There are still two hundred paramilitaries in Jiguamiandó between Bella Flor Remacho and Santa Fe de Churima and Santa Rosa de Limón, and between Cetino and Villa Luz in Curvaradó there are close to three hundred.

Bogotá D.C.

August 5, 2011

Interchurch Justice and Peace Commission