Businessmen and paramilitaries reinvent formulas for avoiding restitution

Business sectors continue torpedoing the restitution process in the collective territories through the creation of a Community Council of the New Andalucia in the collective territories of Pedeguita and Mansilla.

According to highly credible sources, the person who will lead the meeting of the repopulators, who do not belong in the territories, is financed by the bad-faith business occupiers, among them Colonel (retired) Luis Felipe Molano and Juan Guillermo González de Recife S.A.

As mentioned before, Luis Molano is a member of ACORE and of the Central Democratic Party.

This afternoon, in the collective property of the Llano Rico community, collective territory of Curvaradó, paramilitaries are forming networks of informers, to be paid monthly, to collect data about the actions of people reclaiming their land, including the Cabezas, Ruiz, and Diaz families. These families have been subjected to persecution, including assassination of their relatives and ongoing death threats. At the same time, the cattle businessman Darío Montoya, in face of the eviction notice from the Police Inspector, is offering sums of money to victims of displacement and land grabs, to legalize his illegal operations.

Despite advances in the attempt to restore the rights of the Afro-mestizos, the Unibán and Banacol companies continue planting plantains, utilizing the repopulators in Andalucía, Curvaradó and the boundary between El Guamo and Caracolí. Despite police and military check points on the roads from Curvaradó to Pavarandó and Mutatá and from Curvaradó to Belén de Bajirá and Chigorodó, the traffic in cocaine and the bringing in of materials for producing cocaine continue.

Bogotá,D.C., August 28, 2014

Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz
Interchurch Justice and Peace Commission